Women only!                      

Automotive Maintenance Basics.

Our goal is for all students to walk away from this experience feeling more confident in knowing what happens in the systems that compose your car! Students will learn how to change a flat tire, repair a flat tire, jump the battery in a car, change the oil, replace a light bulb and replace a fuse. You will also learn basic knowledge of how the following systems work: cooling system, charging/electrical/battery system , braking system, and how the engine runs . Most importantly we will provide you with the tools to better understand if you are being ripped off when you go to your mechanic! All of this, and more helpful tips to make your relationship with your car a happy one! This course is for Women ONLY! Sorry guys. Click the sign up here! button up top and reserve your spot today.

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You can do it!

First time drivers automotive maintenance class.




Driving a car can be intimidating for a first time driver. When things go wrong (and they will) make sure your new driver is prepared. You can do it!  is an automotive class geared towards first time drivers. Open to ages 15 to 18 , rookie drivers will learn the basics of how to handle tough situations when it comes to taking care of a vehicle. From getting a jump and changing a flat tire, to what to do when you are in a fender bender, Drivewell will cover all the bases to keep a young driver safe and ready for the open road!

Banging gears!                                Ever want to learn how to drive a stick shift? Now's your chance. Learn over the course of 6                                                                     weekends with a very patient instructor. Learn how a clutch works and how to use it!